A3900 II Online

Online condition monitoring

Main features:

  • Machine monitoring systems
  • Simultaneous measurement of velocity (mm/s, ips) and acceleration (g)
  • On-line vibration monitoring of bearings, motors, fans, pumps, gearboxes, …
  • Relay for indication of exceeding the predefined vibration limits (ALARM, ALERT)
  • Measured quantities are exported as output current loops 4-20 mA
  • Simple connection to control systems (PLC)
  • A3900-II is possible to connect to memory module (standard CompactFlash card)
  • A3900-II settings from computer via RS232 interface

The unit A3900-II unit is easy to apply tool for vibration measurement, that is intended for process control and reliability systems, machinery protection systems and generally for all the applications concerning maintenance and monitoring of machinery condition. Selected measured values can be displayed on the front panel and transferred to the control system through the current loop output 4-20 mA. The A3900-II unit includes one programmable output « ALARM » relay.